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Lindsey Goddard lives in Missouri, but wishes she didn't. Her first short story collection, Respect for the Dead, was published through Total Darkness Press in 2011. Her first novella, Ashes of Another Life, was released through Omnium Gatherum Media in 2016 and is slated for release as a full-length novel in 2024. Her fiction has been published by Dark Moon Books, The Sinister Horror Company, ZBF Books, and more. Lindsey Goddard has three short story collections, a poetry book, and she is Editor-In-Chief of WeirdWideWeb.org.

You can find more info on her writing at: LindseyBethGoddard.com



Mitzy Carter is a retired social worker living in Portland, OR who embraces artistic expression. She was Editor-In-Chief of her college's literary magazine for 3 years in the late 90s and early 2000s. She has worked as a proofreader and layout designer for a newspaper and for Midwifery Magazine, and will be helping to read submissions here at Weird Wide Web.



Convinced she was destined to be an artist, Suzie Lockhart attended The Art Institute of Pittsburgh after graduating high school, but the gnawing urge to write never left her bones. Originally, her desire was to write romance novels, but after discovering the innate ability to tell chilling tales, Suzie embraced her inner creepiness and has since been published dozens of times, as well as assembling and editing anthologies featuring fellow authors in the horror genre.

Suzie will co-host the podcast and help with submissions decisions here at Weird Wide Web.



Kasey Hill is an author / publisher living in Virginia. She built much of her life around reading and writing, spending two years in journalism in high school, with a few articles published in her local paper. Now, she has many publications under her belt. Kasey's work tends to focus on horror and dark fiction, as well as non-fiction writings on Wicca. She will be joining The Weird Wide Web Podcast as a co-host.



Nora B. Peevy is a cat trapped in a human’s body. Please send help or tuna. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English Degree with a Concentration in Creative Writing from Cardinal Stritch University and is an Olympic champion sleeper, toiling away for JournalStone/Trepidatio Publishing as a submissions reader and a reviewer for Hellnotes. She is also reading screenplays for the Lovecraft Film Festival again this year. Her first novelette, For the Sake of Brigid was released in May of 2024 and her first novel, Flesh Eating Turtles! will be coming out later this year. Her quirky stories are published in Eighth Tower Press, Weird Fiction Quarterly, Obsidian Butterfly, and other presses. You can find her on Facebook (as Onyx Brightwing), her blog, She Writes Fast | A blog for writers and readers (wordpress.com), and on Slasher as @Sekhautet. She naps in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Nora has joined us an article writer for the Weird Wide Web blog.



Michael Errol Swaim is a horror and fantasy author and proud citizen of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. He first picked up a pencil and began to write stories many moons ago before he was even born, and due to several mishaps, including a liver and kidney transplant, he stopped writing. After a 25-year hiatus, he has returned to doing what he loves most: writing. Michael focuses on horror but occasionally dabbles in fantasy and poetry. His first horror publication is in issue three of Carnage House, and his stories will appear in several upcoming anthologies. He also writes film and book reviews for the Weird Wide Web blog. Because he was such a weird kid, his parents dropped him off in the middle of a forest in Green Country, where a rabid squirrel raised him, and he eventually returned to civilization. He currently resides in Colcord, Oklahoma, with his wife, Mandy, his three kids, and his special princess, Wolfgirl the Cat.

He can be found at Facebook.com/michael.e.swaim


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Dawn Colclasure is a writer in Oregon. She writes poetry, essays, articles, short stories and book reviews. She is the author and co-author of several books. Her work has appeared in magazines, newspapers, websites and anthologies. She is also a columnist. Her websites are dawnsbooks.com and dmcwriter.com. Her Twitter: @dawnwilson325.